TURN Service


Some corporate networks and strict firewalls are incompatible with the free Peer-to-Peer based Live Guided Tours offered by 3DVista. That’s what we developed LGT with TURN for: It detects those users who have difficulties connecting through the free version and connects them through a relay server. It’s like an insurance that only jumps in when there’s a problem. That saves you using (and paying) unnecessary bandwidth.

*Billed anually

TURN bandwidth

vs Hosting bandwidth

Don’t worry if you’re dealing with big tours: The tour size has absolutely nothing to do with the bandwidth you need for TURN Live Guided Tours. It’s important we differentiate between your tour’s hosting (and the associated bandwidth) and your TURN bandwidth.

The TURN Service for Live Guided Tours has nothing to do with where, how or with whom you are hosting your virtual tours. The TURN plans purely cover an amount of bandwidth to transfer your or your guests’ video and/or audio signal (the little video squares where you see them) so they can join a LGT session even through “problematic” networks. The tour size is irrelevant when selecting a TURN plan and the bandwidth required for everyone to watch your tour will only affect the hosting plan for your tour, not the TURN plan.

Which Plan

is the right one for me?

The answer is (as you may expect): It depends. It depends on whether your “problematic” user connects with video or audio only, or even none of them (silent mode). It depends on that user’s camera settings and finally, of course it depends on how many problematic users you are expecting.

But as a reference*: According to our stats compiling the complete usage of LGT in 2 months, around 15% of the video calls require TURN service, the other 85% will work with peer-to-peer connections and won’t count against your contracted TURN bandwidth. Approximately 1 hour of video call per guest will consume 1GB when it requires the TURN service. But take this with a pinch of salt.

*This information is purely informative and 3DVista cannot be held accountable for deviations. Your audience and thus statistics may vary depending on the use and network of your target audience.

How do I monitor my bandwidth usage?

Go to cloud.3dvista.com, log in with your 3DVista credentials and you will see a progress bar of how much of your monthly TURN bandwidth you have already used up.

3DVista will also send you two notification emails: One as soon as you reach 50%, and a second as soon as you reach 80% of your monthly TURN bandwidth. This gives you the option to react and upgrade your plan if you expect to surpass your monthly total. Remember that 3DVista will not upgrade or charge you automatically.